WI 24: -1.6kg + progress check

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I was not expecting -1.6kg!! My weight has been hovering around 78kg the entire week (last week's WI was 77.8kg) so wasn't really thinking that I'd lose that much. Last night before bed the scales gave me 77.1kg and expected that to be the final reading for this week but holy crap, 76.2kg! Such a fantastic result, so happy!

And this month's measurements:

Arms: 32,5cm (33,5cm)
Bust: 99,5cm (102cm)
Waist: 75cm (75cm)
Belly: 95,5cm (95cm)
Thighs: 59,5cm (60,5cm)
Weight: 76,2kg (78,1kg)

I'm still quite fresh out of the operation so I'm guessing the small gain around my belly is just swelling from the op.

And pics. :) To avoid getting a mile long picture in the end I've just put the starting picture, last month and today in this one. Old ones can obviously still be found in the blog.

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