Walking overload

Sunday, June 02, 2013

 Lots of good food, sunshine and walking today. Overall a very pleasant day. Let's start with lunch!

I like making this Moroccan style chicken stew when I'm running out of ideas. Simply combining chicken with spices (paprika, chilli powder and saffron), a tin of tomatoes and chickpeas and peppers makes a wonderful meal. As I was also cooking for my other half I cooked a portion of couscous to go with his chicken, I had mine on a simple bed of salad. Very very yummy. Nothing fancy, incredibly easy and loaded with all the good stuff. Can't complain. :) MyFitnessPal calculates this as 460 calories.

The in laws have gone on holiday to Jamaica (not jealous at all...) so it's my duty to make sure the dogs get a bit of fresh air during the weekends. Walking the dogs isn't the most demanding form of exercise as the boys tend to pee and sniff more than walk, so it was more of a chilled walk for me. Our older dog also started running out of steam on the way back so I had to slow down by loads. Poor dog is getting old.

As it's been incredibly sunny today, I took the dogs back home and went out for a proper walk. I was just so full of energy and I couldn't resist going. And below today's outfit. I do actually need to bunch up like 1/3 of the top to reveal my figure for these pictures, it's just madly loose. It always has actually, could've bought a smaller size but just didn't realise it'd be quite that big.. :)

It never stops to amaze me how beautiful England really is. A lot of people laugh at me when I say that I live in Bognor Regis (it doesn't have the best reputation), but it's definitely a lot better than some of the places I've been. It's just so.. green! Really reminds me of Finland, it's just so beautiful and fresh over here. I'd pick Bognor - and England in general - over any dust bowl in southern Europe any day.

All walked out now, though. :) I've probably spent about 1,5 hours walking today. Not going to feel guilty for tucking into this amazing Tesco paella we bought yesterday. I do always give the prawns to my other half, though. Never been a fan of them so we just swap, he gets extra prawns and I pinch a few bits of chicken and chorizo from his dish. Fair trade!

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