Two day post

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to post, but was too lazy to do it. So here goes, two days worth of rambling.

I had to go to the hospital again yesterday. When I booked the appointment I was under the assumption that it'd be all kinds of medical tests, such as blood tests and so on. I got there, waited around for 15 minutes and got called in. And all I had to do is sit there for a minute while the nurse poked me with swab sticks. Felt like a waste of time as it could've been done after my previous appointment with the surgeon instead of making me travel all the way there for such a small thing.

I mean I understand they need to do it because of possible bacteria and infection risks as I will become an inpatient next week. Having my injection test done next Wednesday, getting a bit nervous about it. I asked my other half to take the day off work if he possibly can, I'd love to have his support before and after the op.

While I was waiting at the hospital I couldn't help noticing my calves again. Just look at how huge they are getting!! Sure, the perspective is a bit off there but that's just incredible. I haven't really done proper workouts for probably a month now because of all the ankle and knee issues I've had but the muscle mass thankfully hasn't gone anywhere. It's the same with my arms really, the definition is still there despite the lack of exercise. Yay!

 And time for today's stuff. :) I haven't been feeling my best today so lunch was just a simple tuna salad with beetroot and a bit of ranch dressing. It was really lovely but didn't really make me feel any better. Just been sitting here like a lemon since lunch, waiting for this odd feeling to go away. I have been doing little bits and pieces to take my mind off it, though. For example, there was a cool offer for a 30 day free trial for on Facebook so decided to try it out. The exercise database is incredible, I've been copypasting the exercises on Word since last night so I can print them out and use them even when my free time runs out. A bit naughty but oh well.

Only downside to beetroot - it stains. Everything.

And off to see another doctor tomorrow about my disability benefit claim. This is the second time I've been booked in to see someone at this place as last time it got cancelled (and nobody told me until I got there). Just hoping that the paperwork I have will be enough to convince them that I've actually got something wrong with me instead of trying to leech money off them...

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