The last supper

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ok, the title sounds a bit more grim than it means. :D I have my first operation tomorrow afternoon and I'm not allowed to eat for six hours before the operation and I'm only allowed to drink water up to two hours before the op. This means that I'm breaking intermittent fasting a bit and stuffing my face with extra tonight.

We had fajitas for dinner tonight and had a few left over so had them with some sour cream and ketchup, a Muller yoghurt and a few bits of Cadbury's Oreo chocolate. That chocolate is absolute heaven. I'm not a fan of Oreos but this is just something completely different. Yum.

And now in order to try and relax, time to read through this month's Women's Health. :) I should be back to blogging on Thursday with hospital pics and reports!

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