Sunday, June 23, 2013

I admit to being a bit of a geek when it comes to space stuff. I follow I fucking love science on Facebook, I read up on random sciency / spacey stuff every now and then and keep up with meteor showers, comets and so on. I've been very excited about the supermoon and it's in "full force" tonight! My other half was so generous to drive me to a hill to see it without all the light pollution. Getting up on the hill was definitely it's own challenge, think we walked for a good 5-10 minutes before getting all the way up. And I'm very sorry the picture quality is absolutely horrible, can't do wonders with my phone unfortunately.

Other than my late night hike, I decided to have a kind of a rest day today. I didn't just slack about, though. Cleared some wardrobes, scrubbed our bathroom, general tidying up and sorted out our linen cupboard. I love it how cleaning burns calories, I can happily say that was my exercise for today haha! It did kill my back, though. :/ It's been very sensetive the past few days, even the smallest amount of stress on it provokes the pain. I can't remember being quite this sore for a very long time, starting to get a little worried about it now.

Food wise today's been a bit funny. I had leftover curry (from Friday) for lunch - that's really not pretty when it's in one of the plastic containers all mushed up so didn't take a picture - and baked potatoes with fish fingers and a salad for dinner. Why funny? High sodium again, with the curry and the batter on the fish. Time to fix things again.

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