Jamaican food ♥

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Since coming back from their holiday, my in laws have really fallen in love with the Jamaican culture. This obviously includes the food side of it as well! I didn't really have a proper lunch today (literally just wholewheat pasta with beetroot) so I was starving by dinner time. I did sort of snack on stuff while waiting for things to cook but not gonna worry about that too much.

Anyways! Jerk chicken, rice and a salad made out of kale, tomatoes, peppers and onion. I also had a little bit of this fish curry I didn't take a picture of. Incredibly delicious, just spicy enough to give the food a bit of a kick but not too much to only be able to taste the spices. And a bit of pudding as well in the form of apple pie, strawberries and a little dollop of vanilla ice cream. :) Tomorrow's weigh in might not go quite as well as I want it to, haha!

And just to float in the clouds a bit, I got this wonderful message from my friend today. It made me smile so much and I really wanted to share it with you guys.
"I respect you so much. You do so many things even though your back is as it is... You could be just miserable and just stay in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself, but you do so many things, clean, housework, walking the dogs, fitness etc... [...] But most of my respect for you is earned because you're willing to change your life. Losing weight takes alot out of you and is difficult. You're so strong for continuing it."
Thank you. <3

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