It's a million degrees outside!

Friday, June 07, 2013

I love this warm weather so much. I get a nice tan when I'm out walking, I feel a lot happier and I just love what the sun does to everything around me. Shame it won't last forever.

I've been waiting all day to go for a walk. It's just seriously been so hot that I didn't want to go and exhaust myself in the burning afternoon sun. It really took me until 5pm to get going. After carefully drowning myself in sun lotion and creating this weird setup with my sports bra and top I was all ready to go. ^^ I did also roll my trousers up slightly so I got a bit of sun on my legs as well.

I've been preparing for the coming weekend all day. Mainly in the form of drinking tons and tons of water. I need to make sure I keep this pace up once we are actually there so I don't get all that water weight buildup in my body. And of course keeping yourself hydrated in this heat is really important.

And now, off to cook the last proper meal before Sunday night. On the menu tonight is salmon, boiled potatoes and carrots. Yum. :)

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