How losing weight changes a person

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More about the title in a bit. Just getting the daily food post out of the way first. :) As it's been quite obvious lately in my posts, I'm trying to reduce my carbs and then two weeks before going to Finland I'm going low carb. At the moment I'm trying to have one low carb and one high carb meal. I tried going cold turkey with it a year ago and it just failed miserably, I was just craving carbs 24/7. Maybe being smart about it this time makes it a bit easier..

And now, to the actual thing I wanted to talk about. It basically boils down to feeling way more confident than I used to before starting my weight loss journey. It's very noticable in clothing alone. I used to wear dark clothes, I barely had any colour in my wardrobe. I never actually paid that much attention to it until recently when I actually opened my drawers and saw the increase in colour. I just automatically go for the bright coloured clothing now when I'm shopping, I can't even remember the last black / dark top I've bought. It's not a concious decision really, I just seem to prefer all the cute colours nowadays.

Old and new.

Oh and I can't wait to be able to buy all those skin hugging dresses, pretty skirts and tops. I just seem to be having this eternity project with my thighs at the moment! It is so very painful to be out on a hot day when wearing a skirt and your thighs rub against each other.. On the joys of sweat rash. I made that mistake last week actually, had to walk so much that day and it really backfired. :( Still got the marks on my thighs from that! Oh well, I've got these shaper shorts (pretty similar to these) I bought last year when we went to Rome purely for that purpose, I'll just be rocking those hotties again this summer. :D

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  1. Super namin näkösiä ruokia... Ja arvaa tuleeko nälkä. ;D

    1. Haha! :D Miun ruuat on niin äärimmäisen yksinkertasia, heitän vaan ainekset lautaselle ja siinä se. Onneks ruuanlaiton ei tarvii olla monimutkasta. <3