Hi, I'm disabled

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My day started off with a bit of sunbathing in the garden while I had my morning coffee. It's just so lovely to sit there in the sun every morning and just enjoy it. No worry in the world, just a nice cup of coffee and a bit of sunshine. My idea also seemed to fascinate Oakley, as he didn't take long to jump on a chair next to me and enjoy the warmth as well!

After my little sunbathing session it was time to head out. I met up with a friend as he had some things to do as well, we headed to the train station and then went our separate ways after a while. I headed to Portsmouth for my disability benefit appointment and it went very well. :)  I must say, it was the weirdest 40 minutes of my life though. Very detailed questions and so on. That was the last thing I needed to get done for my claim, now fingers crossed I get a positive decision. It will also mean that I'll officially be classified as a disabled person.

 As I needed to catch a train at 12, it did kinda screw up my lunch a bit. Sure, I could've prepared lunch at home and take it with me or just move my eating window a bit, but I wasn't really that hungry earlier and had no time to cook really. So instead I just bought two of these wonderful Eat Natural- bars that had cranberries, macadamia nuts and dark chocolate in them. Incredibly delicious. I've also tried their blueberry and cashew bars before, just equally as yummy. I highly recommend these. They are quite high on sugar, though. So don't go nuts with them. :)

In a way dinner wasn't that great tonight. I asked my friend to come over for dinner and wanted to try something completely new, so googled this sesame chicken recipe. Quite a lot of work but definitely worth it, it was so delicious! The chicken is deep fried in batter so this will most likely be an occasional treat instead of a regular thing. Just wanted to pamper my friend a bit. :)

I am absolutely shattered now. Did quite a bit of walking during the day as had to do a bit of shopping for dinner and also got bits and pieces done before heading home. All I want to do now is snuggle up in bed with the other half with a bit of TV. :)

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