First operation done

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It has been a very long day. I was admitted to hospital at 12.30am and I had to wait until 4.20pm before I was taken in the operating theatre. Lots of pictures, a little less text this time. Still very tired and dizzy after the sedative.

I had a small explorative operation called discography today. I wasn't cut open or anything, they pretty much poked my spinal disc with a needle.

I was asked to wear these funny compression stockings to prevent blood clots in my veins. 

 After op. Very tired but happy that the process has started.

I didn't feel as nervous as I thought I would. I was a bit cranky though. I couldn't have coffee in the morning and couldn't eat so lack of caffeine and low blood sugar gave me an insane headache. I was meant to be taken in to the operating theatre around 2pm but had to wait an extra 2,5 hours.

Going in the operating theatre was quite fun actually. One of the people looking after me actually spoke Finnish to me! A British guy, told me his wife is Finnish and we had a little chat in Finnish. I quite liked the sedative as well haha. The guy put it in my vein, wheeled me in the actual operating theatre, asked me to roll over on my stomach and off I went to la-la land. :D The next thing I know is that I'm tucked in my hospital bed, waiting to be taken back to my room.

I was discharged around 8.30pm. I am so happy that my other half waited for me patiently all that time. It made me a lot calmer about the whole process today. <3

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