Enjoying the summer

Friday, June 14, 2013

What a wonderful day today! Lovely and sunny again. :)

I did struggle with my lunch today, though. Since the operation I haven't really had any appetite. I had to force most of my lunch down today. I just started feeling both ill and disgusted by my salad after a few mouthfuls. I'm guessing it's just because of the surgery and it'll pass eventually, but it's annoying me a bit as I do need to eat.

As I'm trying to get back to my normal daily routine as soon as possible, I went for a long walk today. I was a lot slower than usual as my back is still a bit sore and stiff, but I wasn't in a rush and it was such a lovely day so it didn't really matter. I just sat at the beach for probably half an hour, listening to the waves and enjoying the sunshine. I just can't get enough of the seafront, living by the sea is so wonderful.

Happy picture time! Don't usually smile with my teeth showing, don't like my vampire teeth. :p

I was feeling so lazy with dinner so I just put a frozen pizza in the oven. It doesn't really look appetising, does it? :D It was a Dr. Oetker pollo pizza with tons of cucumber, sweet chilli and ketchup on top. All that for about 800 calories. 

I also got a new dress today! The in laws came back from Jamaica yesterday and they bought this stunning dress as a souvenir. It is so pretty! Love the print and the colour of it and the top of it pinches me in from the right spots. It makes my waist look incredibly tiny. Love it. <3

And I got this random compliment today! There's a thread on this gaming forum that has the users' pictures in it and I posted one picture from yesterday. This was the reaction to it. Made me smile so much! Click on the image to make it larger. :)

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  1. Been reading and checking out your pictures on how you've lost weight and I must say your doing amazing! I'm trying myself... I would like to say "trying hard" but at weekends I... get naughty and pop open some dr pepper or something >.< tut tut! I might take some advice and document myself via pictures and see if it gives me extra motivational boosts, because basically that's what I do need. Oh my god... The comment from the MMO Champion picture is from me! Taters91! It gave me a BIG smile to see that I made somebody smile as well! :D

    Keep it up!!

    1. Oh you can always get the diet Dr Pepper if you have the craving, not exactly guilt free but at least it's a bit better than the regular. I do that too, I've just swapped the normal sodas to diet versions if I go out etc.

      It's so nice to know that people keep popping back to my blog, it just makes me feel all warm inside knowing that I might be giving people some sort of inspiration. :D And of course thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot! x

      And feel free to PM me on MMO C if you need extra motivation. :D

    2. Yeah! I'll end up having to that is for sure! I've been large for like 13 years, currently 22 to I'm thinking I better get cracking before it gets to late... before I get even lazier I guess! Haha!

      It's awesome to watch how people change during weight loss, it is very motivational! Anytime! :) Best of luck!

      Thank you! I'll be sure to do so :)