Chicken legs

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I have the typical Scandinavian skin. This means I'm naturally quite pale and don't really tan that easily. Instead of tanning I usually just burn horribly and eventually that turns into a tan. :D Repeating this process for years and years, it has actually made my shoulders, face and arms tan quite easily. This isn't exactly the case with my legs though. They just don't tan. Never have. I've actually wondered if I should make them burn on purpose so they'd get some colour eventually.. I know this is an incredibly stupid idea as it can lead to skin cancer, but I'm getting pretty desperate about it! Maybe I need to get those "tanning" moisturisers and drown my little chicken legs in them and hope for results.


It was a wonderfully sunny day today so I wanted to go and just sit at the beach and hope that the sun would like to send some of it's UV rays in my general direction. I only sat there for about fourty minutes before it started getting windy and very cloudy. It's not quite that pleasant when you're wearing a short skirt and a small top.

I've also noticed that whenever I go for a walk and aren't wearing proper exercise clothes, I feel like it's not a walk at all. I walk slower and my heart rate doesn't go up in the slightest so it just feels like a casual stroll. To me walking has a completely different meaning nowadays, to me it means "let's go and get my heart rate up to make fat cry".

Our precious puppies were enjoying the sun today as well.

Food! I've done incredibly well food wise this week and I'm very proud of it. I have however had a few ice lollies just because it's been so warm. I've had these wonderful frozen smoothies, one in raspberry and one in mango. Can't quite decide which one was my favourite, both so delicious! They shall remain an occasional treat though, I had a look at the amount of sugar in them and wanted to cry. :D And strawberries with a splash of single cream for pudding last night.

Double lunch & dinner post as I didn't make a post yesterday. Yesterday's lunch was salmon with couscous, peas and sweetcorn. I always add a few tablespoons of low fat sour cream and sweet chilli sauce into it to make it all stick together nicely (makes it easier to eat). Dinner was fajitas with the Old el Paso BBQ spice mix, salsa, low fat sour cream and ketchup. Yummy.


And today for lunch a simple fishfinger sandwich on wholewheat bread with lettuce, cucumber and ketchup. Dinner consisted of brown rice, sweet chilli & pork sausages and a ton of salad (lettuce, cucumber, yellow and red peppers and croutons).

Overall feeling quite positive about tomorrow's weigh in. I've had a few sneaky looks over the week and all the water weight is definitely gone by now. I seem to be drinking more water than I usually would as it's been rather warm this week, so shouldn't have any issues tomorrow morning!

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