BMI update!

Monday, June 17, 2013

When I started losing weight my BMI was a very scary 32,41. According to the calculator I was classified as obese. Obese. That word just has such a terrifying ring to it. I know the calculators don't really tell the whole story as I sure as hell didn't quite look like someone who you'd call obese. But yeah. I redid the calculator yesterday and now my result was 29,4. This is labelled as overweight. I'm very happy, I've gone from the "you have a high risk of getting all these nasty things that will kill you prematurely" to the "yeah you might get diseases" slot. Won't be long and I'll be in the healthy weight range. :)

And onto today's adventures! Lunch was a very simple fish finger salad with some sweet chilli sauce drizzled all over it. Simple but incredibly delicious. For the base I just use whatever veggies we have in the fridge - beetroot, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes... I was quite tempted to add croutons but then again, the fish fingers have the breadcrumb batter so thought that I better not overdo the carbs.

Collecting random rocks and shells at the beach is fun. Also saw a halo around the sun today. Pretty.

My mother in law had prepared us some jerk chicken last night so all I really had to do for dinner was stick the chicken in the oven and cook some rice and veg. Brown rice of course. :) I love it how it seems to split a bit when it's cooked, it makes it all fluffy and such. I just find the weirdest things cute nowadays..

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