Back to studying!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Thank you for attending your interview. I am very pleased to confirm our offer to you for a place on the above course due to commence September 2013 at Chichester."
Yay!! I am SO happy! I was quite nervous about this actually, I just kept thinking that the tutor will reject me because of my back. I know he technically can't do it as it'd be discrimination against me but yeah, I kept thinking that what if he just says that there's no point in me starting this course this year if my back isn't fixed yet? Now all I need is to see the surgeon at the end of July to confirm my operation (hopefully I can influence it..) and I know for sure if I can get on this course. Exciting times!

Getting that letter today definitely cheered me up so much. It was so miserable for most of the day really, just really gray, foggy and dull. And on top of that it was raining slightly. I didn't want it to affect my exercise plans and went for a nice long walk anyways. I really should start finding new walking routes, I seem to go to the beach pretty much every other day lately. Despite it being really foggy it was still quite pretty, quite a mysterious atmosphere. Tide was down, it was quite warm and you could just feel the moisture in the air.

I've been struggling with my back since the op. The pain seems to be provoked a lot easier than it did before, and the type of pain has changed as well. I've gone from burning pain to a sting, the pain feels a lot more local now. I'm trying to do the same amount of housework every day but it's just getting more and more difficult. Ungh. Maybe I should try and reschedule my appointment with the surgeon.

Anyways! Mandatory food post time! My other half likes to be silly every day when I take pictures of my food and sticks his thumb in the way. Earlier he said "Oh if you don't put this picture up on your blog I'll comment!", guessing the comment wouldn't be too pleasant.. :D So here you go, lunch (wholewheat pasta with ground beef and a value veg mix from Tesco) and dinner (pork & sweet chilli sausages with a small dollop of mash + roasted carrots and peppers) with a goofy picture.


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