Back to normal

Monday, June 10, 2013

Slack day today. :) Was so nice to be able to cook food and eat healthy again. Couscous, salmon, peas and sweetcorn for lunch. Stomach is thanking me already. Oh and all the water weight I gained over the weekend is gone as well. Yay me!

I'm still really careful with my ankles so instead of getting back into Jillian's stuff I went for another walk. I love going to the seafront when it's warm and sunny, I can just roll up my trousers and get a bit of sun before heading back home. This does naturally make the walk a lot longer as I just sit there like a lemon for some time, but I'm not in a rush to get home.

Oh and on the way home I even jogged for a bit! It was only like 200 metres but it was still something! I'd love to start running as cardio, but I know my back can't handle it.

I pretty much spent most of the afternoon out in the sun so by the time I got back home it was nearly time to cook dinner. I decided to give my arms some love in the form of a quick arm workout while I was cooking. This however didn't quite go as planned as I needed to swap dinner plans on the fly. I wanted to cook bolognese with some pasta but by the time the water started boiling and the pasta was ready to go in, I actually realised that we don't have any pasta left. Well, as I use the bolognese sauce on pizza every time it was very easy to decide what to go for.

I bumped into this interesting thread on a forum I use quite often. It was about 10 items you would choose if you could only eat or drink these specific things. I went for water, chicken, couscous, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, chickpeas, sweet potato, tinned tomatoes and wholewheat pasta. Pretty basic stuff with quite a lot options cooking wise. :) Water is quite obvious, it's the only thing you really need to drink and it's used to cook things. Other stuff is just the stuff I enjoy eating the most.

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