A happy day

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Everyone has days when they just feel brilliant and confident. Well I had one of those today. Despite my back still being sore from yesterday, I just had a good start to the day. For the first time in a long time I feel like I'm not being forgotten, I'm going towards the end of my journey with back pain and I can start planning my future.

And speaking of future, I actually had an interview for an university course today. Two year long graphics design course at my old college. Had a very nice chat with the course tutor and felt pretty positive about it. :) Now I just need to hope that my surgery will be soon so I have enough time to recover from it. I really want to get on this course and I'd really need to be capable of attending right from the start.

And to go on about the good mood I've been in today. This top has never fit me brilliantly, it's always been on the tight side. I had it under my pink top today but when I got home I just wanted to see what just the white top looks like. And it's not bad! Still a bit tight but doesn't look like a sausage skin anymore. Very happy. :)

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