A dog and sun filled weekend

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Back home! This is going to be a very long post haha. A highly enjoyable weekend with family, it's lovely to get out of the house every now and then.

We left quite late on Friday, it was probably around 8pm. As we have been looking after the dogs for the past few weeks, we had to manage to fit all three in a van. It turned out to be a lot simpler than we thought. A cage in the back on top of a bench so we could put two furry ones in there and the third one was in the foot space at the front. 

I'm never good with long travel, though. I always start feeling very sleepy after about an hour, and this time was no exception. Constant yawning and incredibly heavy eyelids kept me company for most of the way there. It's a two hour drive over to the other half's brother's house.

As it was pretty late when we arrived, we didn't really do much. We fired up the Wii and did some Wii Party. Wii is probably the most entertaining console you can have when playing with more than two people. And as it turns out, I am amazing at the game in the picture. It's about chopping vegetables as quickly as possible. You wiggle the Wii remote up and down, I guess all the punching bags I've done with Jillian have made my arm muscles good. :D

Saturday started off very early for me. We had our oldest dog up in our bedroom with us (he get's very yappy if he doesn't get to sleep with his people so it's just easier to let him sleep with us) and he decided that it's time to have breakfast at 6.45am. I didn't mind much, though. It was a very beautiful morning, really sunny and pretty warm.

As most of the kitchen was already ripped out, we headed out to Costa for some breakfast. The others went for a full English breakfast but I decided to be good and avoid the greasy foods. I went for a lovely chicken fajita panini instead and even got a little side salad to go with it! And all that was washed down with a cup of coffee obviously. :)

After we got back we pretty much got cracking with the rest of the kitchen. I borrowed some trainers as I only had flip flops on me. It felt very odd wearing size 11 shoes, I am a very tiny size 5. :D I felt and looked like a clown haha. Didn't really bother me though, it protected my precious toes from tiles. I was given a chisel and a hammer so I could strip tiles, it was very therapeutic! I've always been a very hands on person and bashing tiles was pretty much the only thing I could do with my back. A very nice arm workout I must say!

Lunch consisted of Coke Zero, a very delicious salmon & cucumber sandwich and a bag of apple slices. A £3 meal deal from Tesco. :) It does show that healthy food is just as cheap as the more fatty / salty options at times! Tesco has a wonderful meal deal range, you get to pick a sandwich, pot of pasta or a salad with a side (fruit, crisps etc) and a drink (juice, energy drinks, soda...). Just about clever choices with that one.

Dinners are always the unhealthy ones when we go over. KFC, curry, McDonalds, pizza... You name it, we've most likely had it for dinner before. :D I was so happy to find out that KFC does salads with some of their popular chicken options. I always used to go for the spicy Zinger burger and was so happy to be able to pick the Zinger salad. :) That with a diet Pepsi and a small bag of chips, not too bad in my opinion! Could've dine without the chips but there was an extra portion of chips in the bag so went for it anyways.

Now, it's not a secret that I love mojitos. Tesco actually sells these mock mojitos (non alcoholic). Two of those after dinner while we were playing Wii. Yum! In all fairness it was just empty calories but you've got to live a little every now and then. 

Today didn't start quite as early as yesterday, hooray! Zak decided to wake me up at 8am this time, which was more than OK with me. I didn't really have much to do today kitchen wise so I just spent the morning with the dogs. We also did a quick trip to Tesco to get some breakfast and lunch again. A nice cup of coffee and a chicken fajita wrap for breakfast (wasn't a big fan of the wrap in all fairness), Moroccan chicken salad for lunch.

All that is left of the kitchen now. We really didn't mess about with it!

I actually got rather bored at some point and started looking into my phone's camera a bit better. I've actually had this phone for over a year now and I've only just realised that it actually has proper settings. Well done me. From now on all the pictures in this blog will be a bit more vibrant in colour, hooray! I've used a pretty similar setup with my camera, it's nice to get rid of the slightly washed out pictures I've had to put up here.

 Enjoying the sun after a hard day's work. :)

Our puppy stuck to me like white on rice the entire weekend. Every time I'd sit down she would jump up on my lap and snuggle up. Maybe she just was a bit confused and unsure about the new surroundings, but it was lovely. Coco is such a beautiful little puppy, can't wait for her to be old enough to have puppies.

And we had curry for dinner! I went for chicken tikka masala, wasn't the best curry I've had in all fairness. I like my curries with a lot of sauce so I can dip the naan bread and just drown the rice in it, it's just the way to do it. Wasn't the best tasting tikka masala I've had either. I mean don't get me wrong, it was still lovely! Just doesn't compare to the one I usually order. :)

The way home was incredible. The views on the way were just so breathtaking. I've seen these views tens of times by now but it always amazes me. It's just such an unique country. The pictures don't really do it justice, though. You really need to be there to appreciate it.

As much as I loved this weekend, it's so clear that my stomach can't handle this much bad food in one go. It has been aching like mad since earlier tonight. I love it how our bodies tell us when we are stuffing ourselves with something we really shouldn't. Back to healthy eating tomorrow, I'm sorry tummy. <3

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