Summer plans!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy day today. :) Let's start with the more exciting news.

I try to go to Finland to see my family and old friends at least once a year. And in six weeks I'm flying off to this wonderful country again. I'm really excited about it, it's been so long since I've seen everyone. What makes it even better is that we are also having a big family reunion while I'm over there.

It does also put pressure on me. My mum has always been very quick to notice change in me weight wise. It always kills me a bit if she says that I've gained weight when I go over. In a way I feel like I've let her down somehow. I mean she will always worry about my health, especially since my back is what it is. I'm sure she will be surprised in a positive way this time, though. Last time she saw me was when she was over here last Christmas, just before I started losing weight. Since then I've dropped 6kg and toned up by loads.

Going home gives me a fantastic opportunity to work out though. There's a lake literally next to my childhood home and the walking options are limitless. I really can't wait. Just hoping that my other half gets the chance to take time off work so he could join me.

I popped into town to hand in some CVs to some shops in the hopes of getting a job for the summer before my op. Fingers crossed I get something, would be really nice to have some spare money.. I did also get some hair colour (again). I'm just fed up with having to recolour my hair every two weeks when I keep it red so it's bye bye red again. Back to brunette it is. It actually looks really nice, the washed out red is kinda coming through the brown so it looks quite different.

I'm so hooked to this Garnier Olia hair colour. It just smells so amazing, completely different to what I've used before. The smell is pretty much the only reason I buy it.

Oh and to finish this post on a high, my legs are finally pain free! No knee ache, no sore ankles. Hoorah!

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