So I'm a thug now

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At least felt like it!! As it was raining for most of the day today I thought that it's best to wear my Doc Martin boots so I keep my toes warm and dry (and I also didn't want to ruin my suede boots). That combined with a biker jacket and my Skullcandy headphones I got really bad looks from all the old people in town! It's just incredible how people look at you so differently based on what you wear. I usually get the happy smiles from everyone so I felt so lost today! :D

I mean sure, in a way I understand it. It's not exactly a style that is associated with.. nice people. I try to dress pretty neutral most of the time, I just don't like being put into a category when I'm out and about. I don't want people to base their opinion about me on what I wear. But then again, people who judge me based on my appearance clearly are not worth getting to know.

One upside to these boots, however. Thanks to the steelcaps, they weigh a massive 1.5kg each, making walking in them a wonderful workout. I've had these boots for longer than I can remember, I must've been 15 or so when I got these. By far the most expensive pair of shoes I've bought but in this case it really shows that I've paid for quality. They are 100% cow's leather, they are nice and warm and waterproof. Or well, they used to be until I actually wore them enough for the leather to start cracking! They're still wonderful though as long as I don't step into deep puddles.

And to keep this post somewhat fitness related, I thought that it's a good time to post about my sources of inspiration again. :) There's two bloggers who just simply make me push myself harder every single day. Heidi and Monna are just incredibly fabulous, they just show how girls can kick ass just as much as the guys when it comes to fitness! ;) If I ever create a shrine (well ok not in a literal sense, like an inspiration board kind of thing) to all the people I get my inspiration from, both Heidi and Monna will be there, I wouldn't even have to think twice. Monna has this amazing aura of happiness and positivity around her and her blog posts are just such a joy to read, while Heidi has a more kickass and no nonsense attitude to fitness. :) I'd love to pick their brain one day.

And just to make it clear, I do not own the rights to these pictures. They belong to Monna and Heidi. :)

And sorry to everyone who reads my blog and doesn't speak Finnish as the girls write their blog in that weird and wonderful language. But you can always look at the pretty pictures! :D

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