Friday, May 03, 2013

Another lovely day, another long walk. Today I clocked in a 1hr 15min walk along the beach (yeah, again). This time I ended up walking all the way to the oh so lovely Bognor pier, then up the sea defences and back the same route. I did manage to twist my left ankle somehow though. No idea what actually happened, I just noticed it being very sore after I got home. With my ankle playing up and me being out for so long, I decided to have today as a rest day from 30DS and use Sunday for this workout instead.

And that unfortunately meant that it was a no heels night for me! We went out to see Iron Man 3 (which by the way is incredibly amazing, if you're into that kind of stuff I highly recommend it) and I really wanted to wear my heels, but my ankle was having none of it. Had to settle with being short. As I was a bit short on time tonight, had to come up with something quick for dinner. Ended up with pasta, salmon, peas and some 5 minute garlic bread (from Tesco, it's amazing). And a tiny bit of grated cheddar, just because I love cheese on pasta.

Quick picture before marching out of the door, and yes I had to stand on the coffee table. I'm a gnome ok?

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