Medical stuff

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Right, let's start with the more important topic of the day. MRI scan! It went well, took about 10-15 minutes in total. The machine is so funny. When it's not "on" it kinda makes this train like sound. When it's taking the images, it's like being thrown into the middle of a full blown rave. Once again the staff was incredible! I love going to a private hospital, you just get a completely different feel to everything. The hospital doesn't have it's own MRI unit so instead I was escorted to this mobile unit that was parked up in front of the hospital. It was so cool. :D

I also spoke to my mother in law (she's a nurse) about my ankle this morning. Told her that it's been hurting for nearly one and a half weeks now and isn't getting any better so she had a look at it and said I've simply overdone it with exercise and damaged the tendons. She wrapped my ankle in a proper dressing and suggested me to take anti-inflammatory painkillers and use this ibuprofen gel we've got. And you know what? My ankle feels a million times better now. I'm hoping that the painkillers / gel and rest will make this pain in the ass injury heal up quick. I'm dying to get back to working out.

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