Just flexing, sup? :3

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Progress pics again, yay! I've been able to see some definition in my arms for quite a while now but it hasn't really been visible enough for pictures until now. I am madly proud of myself for achieving this much in such a short time. I can only imagine what my muscles will be like in a few more months. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my arms / legs from when I started, but I pretty much started from zero. And this is what it all looks like now.

I still have that little bit of fat right by my armpits. I have a feeling that it'll stick around for quite a while, there's still quite a bit of fat there. I mean sure it's shrunk by tons since I started but it just seems to be a very slow process. It's the same with my inner thighs, there's just that spare tyre still hanging about.

And oh my god my calves are starting to be so massive. I've never really been able to wear boots because of fat calves, but now I have no hope in hell haha! The contrast between my ankles and calves is insane. :D

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