I ♥ pancakes

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let's start with yesterday's stuff before going into all this pancake business. You can probably guess that the ankle's not getting any better. I even tried wrapping some wound dressing around it to give it some support but even that did absolutely sod all. My other half was so kind and even massaged it last night but nothing seems to help. Off to doctors on Monday it seems.

Because I was feeling sorry for myself I wanted to make burgers for dinner. As in, making the bread and patties myself. I probably would've even made the chips if I wasn't feeling so lazy. :D I absolutely love cooking and trying new things so did a little experiment with the burger patties. Using a bit of rosemary made it all taste so much better, they were probably the best burgers I've made so far. It's amazing how one small change just transforms the entire dish. Yummy.

Ok, done talking about last night now! I've had a mad craving for pancakes all week but we ran out of eggs like the day before so I've had to suffer with my craving until today! I asked my other half to take me to the shop around the corner just to get eggs, blueberries and a lemon (I like my pancakes with blueberries, he has his with lemon and sugar). I always use the same recipe, it's the basic Finnish style pancake. Or well, they're more crêpes because they're thin. Anyways! I decided to puré the blueberries to get a nice gooey sauce this time, added a little sweetener and a splash of vanilla extract. Craving 0 - 1 Panda.

Oh and every time I use the lounge mirror to take pictures now I just keep having the phrase "cute as a button" in my head. I mean how many people honestly need to stand on coffee tables to be at the same level with the mirror..? :D

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