Dog show day

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yesterday was so busy! I wanted to post all day but just couldn't find the time for it. We went to a dog show yesterday, my mother in law entered her dog in two rings and the rest of us just went for fun and I went to take pictures. I've always loved animal photography so opportunities like this are amazing and I usually grab them with both hands.

And as a sidenote, I have opened a photography blog! You are more than welcome to have a look, I have posted yesterday's dog pics on there already.

After the dog show we ended up having dinner at Pizza Hut. As bad as it sounds, I was quite good! Lots of salad to fill me up before the food arrived, one glass of diet coke, a salmon pasta bake with spinach and a dessert. Couldn't resist ordering one of their cookie dough desserts, they're just too good. And it was a special occasion so wanted to treat myself a bit.

My ankle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either! We did a fair bit of walking during the day and apart from a few twitches here and there it wasn't too uncomfortable for me. Hoping that I'm on the way to recovery now, I just simply won't even have time to go to the doctors today!

Why no time? I'm going job hunting today. I managed to miss my alarm completely so only going after lunch, kinda annoyed at myself for that but what can you do. Also going to visit my old college to get an application form for a university level graphics design course. I want to study more and specialise in something. All I've done is a college course in creative media, and that's not gonna get me anywhere.

Busy day incoming!

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