Dat coffee table

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Time for some progress pictures again. Been a while. I'm taking advantage of our coffee table again, as I found it highly useful last night. :D As the "before" pictures I've used the ones I took 5th March. My spinal condition is highly obvious in the side picture, you can just see my back being madly arched and my stomach looking a bit odd as a result.

I love how small my thighs are starting to look. Also quite happy with how round (and small) my bum is compared to two months ago! All those squats and lunges are finally paying off. :) There's also a bit right under my arms that has gone, that spare tyre in my upper back. Yay!

Anyways, workout was a bit tedious with my ankle. I went for a walk in the afternoon and my ankle was fine, but it just started being so sore again when I was putting more stress on it. Even moving my foot now makes my ankle ache. Sigh. I still have no idea how I managed to hurt it.

Food wise today has definitely been.. odd. Lunch was close to non existent, I saw a small bowl of rice in the fridge and decided to throw a bit of tuna in there, stick it in the microwave for a bit and top it all with a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese, some beetroot and ketchup. It was really good but didn't really fill me up, was just too lazy to make anything. I did make up for it all at dinner though! I love bolognese and we had this new jar of pasta sauce (tomato & chilli Loyd Grossman) so wanted to give it a go. I always use a jar of readymade sauce and top it up with a tin of chopped tomatoes to give it a bit more sauce (the jars are way too small for 500g of beef). Also to be a bit fancy, red peppers! Yummy.

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