Back surgery incoming

Friday, May 10, 2013

Today was the most exciting day in my life for a long time. I had an appointment with a back surgeon! We had a quick chat about my options and he said that he is very keen on operating on my back so I decided that it's what I'm going for. My back is just limiting my life so much right now. I'm out of work, 75% of housework is out of the question (can't lift heavy things and can't bend over so can't wash floors / hoover), I can't stand up for long periods of time.. I'm having an MRI scan done next week to see if the damage in my spine is limited to my lower back or if I've got more wonky bits somewhere else. I'm kinda hoping that it's just my lower spine, though.

I felt really comfortable at the hospital as well, which was such a nice surprise. The hospital is an old school so you don't really get the awful clinical feeling when you walk in. The surgeon was lovely and the nursing staff incredibly helpful and friendly. I was greeted by an east European nurse and to my surprise actually pronounced my last name right! Hoorah! :D

I'm quite positive about all this. The surgeon said that it's possible to get all the scans, tests and the actual operation done by the end of the year. Three month recovery after that and I should be able to get back into living my life properly. I really can't wait.

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