Ankle issues

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My ankle just isn't getting any better. I've had two complete rest days this week and it still hurts when I walk. It's so random as well, at times it feels like nothing's wrong and then all of a sudden it starts hurting. It also makes a lot of crunching noises when I turn it. I can't see anything on the outside, but there's definitely something under my skin that's just not right. It annoys me so much because I want to work out. I feel like I'm going to explode because of all this energy soon.

Bad ankle, bad. :(

On a more happy note, I've started ordering Graze boxes again. I ordered them for a while about two years ago, then when I stopped my mother in law decided to carry on getting them. You can pick between a Nibblebox and a Nutritionbox. Nibblebox gives wider variety of snacks, Nutritionbox is only the healthiest options from their selection. As I'm not too bothered, I go for the Nibblebox. These snacks are just absolutely delicious. I get four small snack boxes once a week, this week's selection included vanilla pumpkin & sunflower seeds, smoky gazpacho dip with wholemeal croutons, summer berry flapjacks and dark rocky road (dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecan nuts). Out of the four I've already had the seeds and croutons, I'm trying to save the other two for after dinner over the week. I can't wait to dig into the flapjacks.

Just to keep myself going, I've started a 30 day squat challenge. Someone shared this picture on a forum I use and thought that I want to give it a go. I started it yesterday, so today my goal is 55 squats. Yesterday I split the 50 into two sets of 25 so I didn't kill my legs straight away, I will probably go for 30 / 25 today. I can't wait to get to 250. :D

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