WI 16: +0.3kg + progress

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Can only blame myself for that gain, yesterday's takeaway dinner most likely left some sodium build up in my system and that 300g is water weight. Awful self discipline, haha. We were dogsitting (five dogs running around the house all night!) and my other half's parents wanted to get us dinner as a thank you. Obviously not a huge gain and it'll vanish by next week, but still won't stop me from beating myself up about it. :D

And measurements! Numbers in brackets is the measurement taken on 17th March. Yeah, it's been five weeks instead of four, I had that rest week in there when I was feeling ill.

Weight: 79,2kg (80kg)
Arms: 33cm (32,5cm)
Bust: 102cm (102,5cm)
Waist: 76cm (77,5cm)
Belly: 96cm (98cm)
Thighs: 60,5cm (61,5cm)

My arms are bugging me so much! :D I know that's muscle growth but I also can't seem to get rid of the fat under my arm, making my arms feel bigger and bigger. My arm fat will probably be one of the last things to go, thighs being another slow one.

But despite my weight not going down as fast as I'd want, all the other measurements are definitely showing that I'm doing good progress. Very happy about it. Pictures to follow. :)

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