Still alive!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It was definitely a fun weekend. London is always a wonderful place to visit for a long weekend, you never run out of things to do. We ate out a lot + alcohol wasn't exaclty banned, but I'm pretty happy how well I did. I did check my weight yesterday when we got home and I was quite pleasantly surprised that it was only a 900g gain from last week. I'm putting that entirely down to the alcohol and lots of sodium, it'll vanish soon enough. :) I didn't really even drink that much in all fairness, think I had about 2-3 drinks a night and after that I just had enough. Previous years I've gone absolutely mad with the booze, maybe I'm getting old?

I also had a job interview today! Went quite well, I was this splash of colour amongst all the black & white and dark colours haha.

And back to my normal workout routine tomorrow, hooray!

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