Pre progress check jitters and another spring hype

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ok let's start this post with positive things. This week has been absolutely fantastic weather wise, couldn't wish for better spring really. Clear skies, sun shining and it's warm! Out of all my workouts this week I think I've only done one indoors, I've just gone for long walks every day instead. Decided to take my camera with me and took quite a few pictures! Enjoy. :)

And to the negative part of this post. I'm honestly not looking forward to my progress check tomorrow. I don't quite know why, but I'm just being incredibly negative about it. Once again I don't see any change when I look in the mirror, but that's been the case every time so far. I'm just probably overthinking it and I'm sure I'll see awesome progress when I take the pictures, but I'm just nervous! Also keep thinking that I haven't exercised enough to lose weight this week. Argh.

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