Long weekend away

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The rest of the week is going to be very odd for me. I am going up to London tomorrow to meet up with a bunch of friends. This means alcohol, lots of eating out, no working out.. On the other hand we will most likely be walking a lot, shopping and sight seeing being something we've planned. I'm quite confident that I'll be able to stick to IF and eating healthy, just need to figure out what drinks I can have without feeling insanely guilty. Maybe vodka and diet lemonade. Or sugar free mojitos (one of my friends makes incredible mojitos, would be a crime to say no to him!). Oh we'll see.

As I'm only coming back home on Monday afternoon, I'm also skipping this week's weigh in. Even if I had a scale at the place I'm staying at, it'd give me an unreliable reading. I learned it such a long time ago that sticking to one scale is one of the most important things during weight loss. Using the same scale will give you the most reliable results, as the configuration and placement is the same week after week. We actually have two scales in the house and the readings can be incredibly different. I'll most likely have a look when I get home on Monday to see how much damage I've done, but the official weigh in will have to wait til next Sunday. :)

I also made a nice schedule for 30DS the other night but various things have just screwed it up completely. I haven't actually started the program this week, I've just gone for long walks (again). So yeah, going to start 30DS on Monday when I'm back home. I think a break from these programs will do my back good in all fairness.

Oh and I've gone pink! It's not a permanent colour, it says that it'll wash off in 6-8 washes. Just about perfect for this weekend haha! There's also a possibility of landing a job in the near future so I'll most likely have to cover it up anyways. Sad times.

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!

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