Friday, April 19, 2013

A friend of mine linked this picture to me earlier today. And unfortunately it seems to be incredibly true. I read a lot of different fitness blogs and every single one keeps getting spammed by people who only want to upset the blogger. Every time I read about it, it just makes me wonder.

I'd quite like to know what makes people behave that way. I know that the internet makes people brave - you are safely behind a nickname and you don't really need to deal with the consequences after you've said something nasty to someone. I'm guessing that if the conversation would happen face to face, a lot of things would be left unsaid.

It usually seems to happen to people who are bettering themselves. I've seen all kinds of rude comments both in games and on forums / websites / blogs. Can it just be a simple case of jealousy? Is it easy to take your bad mood out on someone, who is obviously doing well?

And of course the biggest question of them all. What do these people think they are gaining out of being rude to others? Are they hoping that someone would just stop living a healthy life and just start stuffing their face with burgers and pizza? Or that they'd just suddenly stop trying to be better at a hobby they enjoy? To me it just gives even more determination to do well.

It's a bizarre world.

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