WI 11: -1.6kg + Phase 2 progress

Sunday, March 17, 2013

So. 100 grams away from the weight I was two weeks ago. Well balls. :D I just keep hovering around the 80kg mark which really annoys me, I've only lost 4 kilos in total so far. And measurements! Numbers in brackets is the measurement at the start of Phase 2.

Weight: 80kg (81,5kg)
Arms: 32,5cm (31,5cm) - the amount of muscle I've gained over here is mad, not surprised at all
Bust: 102,5cm (105cm)
Waist: 77,5cm (78cm)
Belly: 98cm (100cm)
Thighs: 61,5cm (61,5cm) - most disappointing measurement here, I want to get rid of my huge thighs!

And progress pics inc in a separate post as usual. :) Gonna go through the first workouts for Phase 3 today, see what kind of torture I've signed up for.

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