Halfway through Phase 2

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Time goes so quick it's unbelievable. Swapping dvds again on Monday. I quite like only having one cardio workout per month, it's such an easy way to track progress stamina wise. Apart from stopping halfway through to get more water, I didn't need to stop to catch my breath at all. Two weeks ago this workout was pure agony and I pretty much half assed some of it.

I haven't really taken any pictures during workouts, mainly because I'd rather not look like a retard when I'm focusing on getting my form right (because you know, if you're just posing for the sake of looking pretty in pictures, you're an idiot). I thought that I'd post some cooldown ones today. :D There's a quick cooldown after each workout, pretty basic ones everyone knows. And you know, I'm flexible so wanted to show off. :D

I've also realised that my yoga pants are incredibly loose. I've had these for years and years, so obviously the fabric is starting to be a bit frail (my other half actually told me they're slightly seethrough from behind.... :D) and obviously me losing weight is making them madly saggy. Same goes for my sports bras, they're starting to be too big and won't give enough support. So, Sports Direct is £52 richer after me going a bit mad. Yoga pants, two pairs of knee length exercise trousers and three lots of sports bras. That'll keep me going for a bit. Going for a smaller size in bras was a bit of a QQ moment though, I don't wanna lose my boobs! :D

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