New clothes yay!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So my order from Sports Direct arrived today! ^_^ Very happy with the stuff I got, everything fits nicely and so on. I took a risk by ordering size 10 trousers as I've been a 12-14 til now but I'm quite happy I did, I think 12's would've been way too loose. Going for the smaller bra size was a good choice too, go me. :D

And I got a "small" freebie with the order. When I opened the parcel all I saw was a cardboard box with 'fragile' labels all over it. I kept thinking that what the hell have I ordered, but it turned out to be a freebie mug from them. And it's huge!! Seriously look at it. I mean sure I love my coffee but I don't think I could drink THAT much.

I'm really enjoying the new workouts as well. They don't feel too physically demanding (as in I'm not out of breath half the time) but when I've done it for 15-20 minutes it really shows in sweat. :D My back still annoys me though, I had to modify a few things again today. And skipped one exercise completely because it felt too uncomfortable for my back.

I also took some progress pictures today. I took some at the start of BR and realised I haven't taken similar pictures since so thought that why not. Sure I'm standing a bit differently but you get the idea. Where on earth has my waist gone?! And yeah ignore my face in the second picture, I took so many pictures I got bored in the end.

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