Sunday, March 03, 2013

So yeah, like I mentioned in the previous post we had a little gathering today. It was to celebrate a close family friend's 50th birthday, and you know, there was cake. It was a very cool 2CV cake with all the detailing, on top of looking very cool it was really nice. All the icing was rather sickly though and it hit me about halfway through eating the slice on my plate. :D

My other half decided to take pictures of me as well. Was just happily leaning on the kitchen counter, listening to his family talk about something, and I noticed him grabbing my camera. I was actually pretty happy with what I looked like in em, so here you go! :D My face looks a bit derp but you know, can't win em all.

And that's my only pair of tights as well. And I ruined them about 30 minutes after taking this picture. :D We were getting ready to have dinner, I sat down at the dinner table and scratched my knee on this bit of metal under the table. So now I need to go shopping for more stuff. Curses.

And the rest of the day will be spent just doing absolutely nothing. :D

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