Bye Phase 2!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last workout for Phase 2! :) I keep saying this over and over again but it just goes so fast it's unreal. Been doing this for two months now, only one to go.

Maybe a bit disappointed with the results so far after seeing all the adverts with these highly overweight people turn into athletes pretty much. Then again you really don't know how much airbrushing has been done there. Don't get me wrong I can definitely tell I've made progress, my legs and arms are getting quite muscular. It's just my biggest problem area - tummy. I want it to be gone. It's awful. I'm not looking to be stick thin, but curvy.

Curvy, not skinny!

Going out with the other half tonight, quite looking forward to it. :) We are in the process of saving money for a house so going out is more of a treat than something we do every week. I've been looking into some menus already and if we go to the restaurant I think we will, I'm all covered food wise. ^^ ~900 calories for starter, main and dessert, not bad eh!

And as usual, measurements tomorrow + pictures either tomorrow or Monday. :)

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