There's a bear in the lounge

Monday, February 18, 2013

I let out quite a few of manly roars during my workout today. :D First day of Phase 2 and it definitely was a lot harder than it looked like. Oh, and typing this is really hurting my arms!

As you might think a step up in level also means a step up in difficulty. You are asked to use heavier weights, to rely on your balance more while doing difficult exercises (one leg squats with a dumbell and so on), to push more out of yourself. The resistance cable is also present in every workout apart from the cardio. It is difficult. Crescent or a deep lunge is very very hard to hold for 30 seconds while squeezing the juices out of your arms.

I also want to be more strict with myself with food from now on. No more cheeky nibbles between meals. I allowed myself to slip a little during the first month to see what it'd actually do to my progress, and seeing how little I lost in the end made me decide that it's time to leave the crisps alone for good. Also looking into buying my lunches so I can just stick a bowl of soup in the microwave instead of having to cook something every day. I've noticed that my laziness makes me grab the bag of crisps every time. Plenty of food in the house and lots of different options but it takes time. When I'm hungry, I want food that second, not in 20 minutes. Having for example Weight Watchers soups and prepared meals in the house would probably fix that and help me lose that tiny bit more weight every week.

I'm actually still feeling really full from lunch. Had leftover roast chicken (no skin!) with couscous, peas and red peppers + seasoning and spices. There was a tub of Weight Watchers creme fraiche in the fridge so a few dollops of that went in too to make everything stick together. Very yummy and light on calories. There's some ready prepared chicken and fish in the freezer so might just have something like that for dinner with a ton of salad. Nom!

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