Phase 1 0 - 1 Panda

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I did it! Phase 1 of BR is now behind me! I feel absolutely fantastic and so proud of myself for getting through it. When I got BR I was a bit worried that I'd give up halfway through, using my back as an exucse. But I didn't. I'm so proud. Having my other half watching me work out has helped too, I've pushed myself through the exercises instead of giving up with some of the more difficult ones. I am so determined to finish this program now. Oh and my OH also did the cardio workout with me today! Or well, 2/3 of it. Very happy to have such a supportive partner.

Time to watch workouts 1 & 2 + cardio 2 for Phase 2. :) As usual I will post my measurements and weight tomorrow. And it's picture time too! Pics will be posted either tomorrow or on Monday.

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