Getting a bit obsessed

Saturday, February 09, 2013

I seem to be watching my food more than ever. We went out to Brighton today to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. We had dinner at JB's American Diner, quite a "standard" American place if you ask me. They only really had burgers + some steak, a few wraps and salads. None of the wraps and salads really tickled my fancy so I went for a classic beef burger.

Now here's a little secret. I couldn't enjoy myself. I kept thinking about tomorrow's WI and if this meal is going to affect it in a negative way. I also had chicken strips, two bottles of cider and a few sips from my other half's Milkyway milkshake. Well over my calorie budget without even doing the math. I know it's so perfectly OK to have 'cheat days' every now and then, but having it the night before my WI just makes me so nervous. So nervous, that during the day I barely had anything to eat. I had two cups of coffee, a pot of yoghurt, a small Kit Kat and a bag of crisps to keep me going until dinner. No proper breakfast or lunch.

I'm gonna be absolutely honest, not losing weight or having a gain tomorrow will upset me. I know it's normal but still. I'm going down, not up.

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