Aching again - and loving it!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

So, since Monday I've done the two new workouts. I ache! It actually feels really good to move a bit and feel that post workout ache in my muscles - especially in the abs! Absolutely loving it right now. At least I know I'm doing the workouts right instead of just half assing it.

It's a massive step up from the first two workouts, that's for sure. 1&2 mainly focused on one big muscle group at a time, giving some time for my body to adjust to the amount of exercise. But 3&4 are making me work extra hard, combining legs and arms in the same move and so on. Looking forward to finishing Phase 1 now, I'm so certain that I'll start seeing big results soon!

Today is my cardio day, it's nice to let my muscles rest a bit. :)

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