Week 3: Doctor's appointment, finally!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

So the appointment I've booked is today. Finally. It only took NHS seven months to get me one. From hurting my back in July and going back to the doctors every two weeks to renew my sicknote and get more painkillers to getting to this point hasn't been the most enjoyable thing in the world. I've felt more limited than I ever have. For years the condition was sort of under control so I could do most things I wanted to. Now it's been all about being careful and listening to my body every step of the way. Doing house work is painful, I can't bend over without feeling a sting in my back. I'm really hoping they actually do something about this.

I decided to do 30 Day Shred yesterday and oh my god my arms hurt! The other dvds I've been doing don't have a lot of arm exercises and I knew 30DS would so thought that I'd prep my arms before Monday. Really feeling it now! Going to do 30DS again today and probably do abs tomorrow, not sure about Saturday yet.

Oh, and my kickstart week's food arrives today! Gotta love Tesco for delivering groceries.

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