Week 2: Getting really into it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I don't quite know what's happened in my tiny brain, but this time round this weight loss business has really clicked. I plan my exercises ahead, I cook everything from scratch instead of just sticking a pizza in the oven, I don't even want to eat those crisps anymore.. I am so proud of myself.

I've noticed that it really helps to decide your next day's plans before you go to bed. That way you sort of enforce your conciousness to push yourself the next day to actually get it all done. Last night I was thinking of another Jillian workout and I can't wait to dig into it a bit later (once I finish my coffee that is!). Haven't quite decided which one yet, I might do the six-pack one again. I am slightly sore after yesterday but thankfully not too bad so I can do the workout. Should've stretched my calfs and shoulders a bit more but can't help that now really can I?

I'm a bit anxious about this weekend coming up. My in laws are having a bit family gathering and I'm a bit worried that I'll slip and stuff my face will all sorts of party food. Maybe I'll just cook my own dinner and lock myself upstairs so I'm not tempted. We'll see what happens.

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