Week 1: Headaches!!

Friday, January 04, 2013

So I've gone down to eating about 1200-1400 calories a day. I've stopped eating crisps, cookies and cakes (oh and believe me, it's so difficult with my other half munching them like there's no tomorrow!) and that alone has dropped my calorie intake by tons. I'm very proud of myself for having self discipline for once.

I found this weight loss app called Noom last week. I wanted to find a nice alternative for Weightwatchers because I simply can't afford the subscription of it at the moment, and based on all the reviews Noom seemed like a good option. It's free to use but you can unlock extra features by going pro on it. Think it's like £20 for a year to unlock all the cool extras, but I'm sure I'll manage with the free version for now.

Thanks to Noom I'm very careful with what I eat every day. The app gives me a calorie budget for each day which changes depending on my activity (and I'm guessing my weight as well). At the moment it's giving me such a motivation boost, I'm very OCD when it comes to stuff like this so keeping to my budget is a fun challenge. It's really made me think what I should put in my mouth and what to leave in the cupboards.

But one downside to all this weight loss business. I'm getting insane headaches in the evenings! I know it's simply because my body is trying to get adjusted to the new diet plan with less fat and salt, but my goodness it's so irritating. I had the same problem when I did WW last year so I know it'll pass eventually. Hopefully by next week.

I've decided to post progress pics every month or so. So at the start of Feb I need to gather up my courage to post my 'before' pics and then post comparison ones. I think this is what I failed on with WW, I only measured myself every week but never took any pictures to see the changes, when I looked in the mirror after losing 10 kilos I honestly couldn't tell the difference and it was quite depressing! Everyone kept telling me that I've lost weight but I just couldn't see it.

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