Social outings will be my doom

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The in laws have decided to have a family gathering today. The house is full of people, they are spread evenly between the kitchen, conservatory and lounge. There's food everywhere. Cakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, pizza - the usual party nibbles. Which is my ultimate doom.

Having a gathering like this means that people will stay at the house quite late. Nothing against that really, it's just the fact that cooking dinner becomes very awkward. There's all sorts of packaging, wrappers and food in general on the kitchen counter, dirty cups and plates etc etc that are just in the way and so on. So I have a bad feeling we are going to end up having some sort of takeaway tonight. So bad.

Guess I'll just have to double my exercise for this week to make up for today.

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  1. Just try to keep up your mind and eat something healthy instead of having takeaway. I bet you can find something 'not-so-bad' from your fridge! :)

    1. The main issue here is the amount of people in the house really. No room to cook because everyone decided to bring food with them and half the guests are just hanging out in the kitchen, leaning on the counters, stove etc. Awkwardness to the max.