Progress so far

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So, Body Revolution starts tomorrow. For this I took my measurements (a few weeks early from what I'd normally be doing em) but I want accurate measurements for the sake of this program. So here goes! Number in brackets means the measurement at the start of my weight loss journey.

Weight: 80.2kg (84kg)
Arms: 32.5cm (33cm)
Bust: 105.5cm (106cm)
Waist: 79cm (85cm) - very proud of this!
Hips, 1 inch below bellybutton: 100cm (102cm)
Thighs: 62.5cm (63cm)

The journal that came with BR also had some extra measurements to take, like lower thigh, calf, neck etc but I'm too lazy to track all of them so just sticking with the "basics". I have also taken pics of my body but as I don't see any difference between the 'before' ones I took, not gonna post them right now.

Wish me luck!

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