Lunch lady

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First of all, sorry for the awful quality of the pic. I'm just too lazy to get my camera out so I take pictures with my phone. :D

Anyhoo! I enjoy a nice, filling lunch. And I tend to lean towards the simple and fast options (before I started my weight loss journey it'd be chips with something I can just stick in the oven and forget about it), and today's lunch was definitely not an exception!

I was starving after my walk so I just wanted to eat - and fast! All the crisps and cakes in our cupboards were shouting my name, the temptation was awful! I'd quite like to call this dish a warm salad, but don't think it'll quite go as one. I fried a small chicken breast in a drop of olive oil, seasoned it (my usual spices for chicken are paprika, chilli powder and turmeric) and added half a tin of choppes tomatoes. To this I then added a small amount of couscous (I rarely measure it, I just go by eye) and a splash of water. I forgot to add sugar to the tomatoes (takes away the bitter taste) so instead I used half a teaspoon of sour cream to make the dish a bit creamier. After the couscous had soaked up all the liquid from the tomatoes and water, I threw in some peas to give it some colour. Oh and to give it a bit more kick, sweet chilli sauce.

I love colourful food. Just look at all those colours. Oh and, Noom only estimated my lunch at 250kcal. Not too bad. :) I'm taking the calorie counter of this app with a pinch of salt though, it's not designed to count calories to the millionth.

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