Last workout before WI

Saturday, January 05, 2013

So, I've decided to have my weigh in's on Sundays so today was my last workout for the week. No matter what the result, I'm going to have Sundays off from exercising and let my body rest so I don't burn out.

Anyways! I went swimming today. I did 45mins of swimming and to get to the pool I had to walk for ~20 minutes. My thighs were really tight at the start of the walk, should've stretched more last night! Oh well, live and learn eh? When I go swimming I usually follow the same pattern: swim a few laps, then stop at the deep end to catch my breath and do some leg work while doing so. This way I'm making the most of my workout - even if my entire body isn't working, I've still got my lower body burning that pesky fat off.

I thought I was at the pool relatively early (to avoid the kids mainly) but to my surprise it was really busy! I tend to swim in the free-for-all lane because I'm not quite comfortable swimming in the other ones. I'm either too fast or too slow for the other lanes. Because of this I find myself dodging kids and old people a lot, which in a way annoys me. I mean sure I could just suck it up and go swim in the other lanes but then I'd just kill myself by pushing my body too hard. Maybe in a month or so if I stick to it and go swimming every week.

By the time I got out of the pool and got dressed, I was starving! I was preparing myself to dig into a nice tuna or chicken sandwich sold by the cafe at the leisure centre, but I was greeted by cupcakes, cookies and cakes. I mean what the hell, you're a leisure centre and you don't even sell the good and healthy stuff?! Need to learn from this and pack a little something in my bag next time I go so I don't have to wait until I get home to have something to eat.

Assuming Noom is accurate, I've managed to burn about 2000 calories this week. Doesn't seem like a bad start at all. :)

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