It's here!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Body Revolution arrived today! Wasn't expecting it until next week so very happy about getting it today. :) Means I can start it a week early, hooray! Just need to work that extra bit hard with my other Jillian dvd's this week to make sure I'm prepped for it at least a bit.

It's quite a massive kit. Three sets of dvd's (15 in total!), four different guides and resistance cables. I've even taken a picture of it for your enjoyment. I need to start taking horizontal pictures haha.

I'm so so excited! I'm going to start with a bang and do the kickstart first thing, meaning I'll be training for an hour a day and follow a strict diet for the first week. The goal of this is to detox the body and get rid of all the junk and toxins, making the metabolism work better. Some people have lost up to a jean size during the first week so I'm really looking forward to it. ;)

And to talk about my day a bit, the other half has promised to go swimming with me today! Probably heading off in about an hour and get a good hour's swim in.

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