First BR workouts + pics!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ok so I wasn't going to post my 'before' pics yet. But you know, I'm going to anyways. Not the best quality in the world and you can only see my upper body (was waiting for my dvd to load up and had my phone handy so thought that why not), but it's something!

I have 'a few' trouble zones. Bingo wings are the worst as I can barely hide them. Then I have about five chins (ok slight exaggeration but it really feels like it sometimes), my tum is like a spare tire and my thighs rub against each other (highly painful when wearing a skirt and it's hot).

Oh and see that blonde hair? I finally did the colour removal I was talking about a few posts back (as a little treat for hitting 80kg ^^). Very happy with how blonde I am, this is pretty much my natural hair colour. :3 I was expecting my hair to stay sort of gingerish but guess not! Yay!

Right, about Body Revolution. The crosstraining bit was quite easy as I've done Jillian's workouts for a few weeks now. But oh my god the cardio! My poor calfs are on fire haha, I wanted to cry at some points. The circuits are very brutal. And I'm doing this cardio for a month. Eek!

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